RIP : BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s smartphone market share hits 0%

The firm’s 2016 retrospective and fourth quarter data dump reveals that, for the first time, BlackBerry holds a 0.0% share of the smartphone market.

  • Android is still leading the rest of the pack by a mile at 81.7% (80.7% in 2015)
  • iOS is holding steady at 17.9% (17.7% in 2015)
  • Windows Phone has taken a huge hit with just 0.3% (1.1% in 2015).

BlackBerry’s new estimate market share of 0.0% is a drop, obviously, from its 0.2% placement at the end of 2015.

So we’ll have to wait for BlackBerry itself to reveal its Android phone sales figures if it chooses to …


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